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  Help Topic: How to create accounts for students?  
  • Login to your account.
  • Move your curser over "Class & Assignments" and click on "Manage Student List".
    Manage Classes
  • Click on "Register a new student in the system".  A Pop-Up window will appear.

    Add A New Class
  • Fill student information and including a unique username for the student.

    Note:  You will have to select a username that no one has on the entire website. This is because there is a single database that saves all usernames.  So if you can not find the username you want, try adding a number after that. i.e.  mikesmith2010.
    Add Class
  • Click on "Enroll this student".
  • New student will appear on the student list.
    Select Class and Edit
  • You can add more students using the steps shown above. 

    Note: These students are not assigned to a class yet.  If you want to manage them as a class and assign tests as assignment, you will have to create a class or use existing class and assign them to a class.
    You can also edit, delete, check progress cards of your students from here. 

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