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  Help Topic: How to create a new class?  
  • Login to your account.
  • Move your curser over "My Custom Tests" and click on "Tests Created By Me".
    Manage Classes
  • This will bring you a page where you can "Create a New Test" or edit an existing test by clicking on an existing test.  This will take you to the test detail page.

    Add A New Class
  • On test detail page you can select or edit grade, subject and topics of the custom test you are creating or editing.
    Add Class
    Here you can also add a new question or add common text.  A common text is like a reading material before answering questions.
  • If you add a question, it will take you to a page where you select question type.
    Add Class
  • Selecting a question type will take you to the new question page.  There you can add question details and answer choices.
  • You can also add image in the question detail.  The image will appear below the question detail text.
    Similarly you can add image in the answer choices.
    Add Class
  • If you add a common text by clicking link "Add common text".  It will take you to a page where you can add common text.
  • After you have added a common text, it will be there but in a collapsed format.  You can click on "Show common text" link to expand and read the common text.
    Add Class
    Note:  Common text will appear in full text when students are taking test.

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