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Question 1
Rohan got three new pair of socks today. He already had seven pair of socks. How many pair of socks he has now?
A.  7 B.  8
C.  9 D.  10
Question 2
Tammy got two new balloons today. She already had eight balloons. How many balloons she has now?
A.  8 B.  9
C.  10 D.  11
Question 3
Isaac got six chewing gums today. He already had six chewing gums. How many chewing gums he has now?
A.  8 B.  12
C.  10 D.  11
Question 4
Monica got five new storybooks today. She already had nine storybooks. How many storybooks she has now?
A.  14 B.  15
C.  13 D.  11
Question 5
Jerry's Time for Fixing:

Car = 7 Hours

TV = 3 Hours

Total Time = ?
A.  8 hours B.  9 hours
C.  10 hours D.  11 hours
Question 6
Kim's Time Spent:

Cooking = 6 Hours

Cleaning = 3 Hours

Total Time = ?
A.  9 B.  10
C.  11 D.  12
Question 7
Nasir had eight plants in his garden. He planted three more plants. How many plants does he have in his garden now?
A.  9 B.  10
C.  11 D.  12
Question 8
Alex had six toy cars. He got seven new toy cars on his birthday. How many toy cars does he have now?
A.  11 B.  10
C.  12 D.  13
Question 9
How far is the "Office" from the "Home"?
A.  8 km B.  9 km
C.  10 km D.  11 km
Question 10
How far is the "City A" from the "City C"?
A.  14 km B.  15 km
C.  10 km D.  13 km
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