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Question 1
Marilyn went to bed at 11 O'Clock. Which clock shows the time?
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Question 2
What is the day on April 4th?
A.  Sunday B.  Monday
C.  Tuesday D.  Wednesday
Question 3
What is the day on January 12th?
A.  Monday B.  Tuesday
C.  Wednesday D.  Thursday
Question 4
What date is the first Monday of November?
A.  1 B.  14
C.  6 D.  7
Question 5
What date is the second Tuesday of November?
A.  8 B.  15
C.  7 D.  9
Question 6
What are the months between July and October?
A.  August and November B.  August and September
C.  June and August D.  March and April
Question 7
What is the last day of March?
A.  Wednesday B.  Thursday
C.  Friday D.  Saturday
Question 8
What is the first day of October?
A.  Saturday B.  Sunday
C.  Monday D.  Tuesday
Question 9
What day is the Fourth of July?
A.  Sunday B.  Monday
C.  Tuesday D.  Friday
Question 10
How many Tuesdays are there in August?
A.  4 B.  3
C.  2 D.  5
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