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Question 1
Walker had 8 dollars in his wallet. He spent 3 dollars at the bookstore. He spent 2 dollars at the ice-cream shop. He bought a toy for 2 dollars. How much money did he have left?
A.  $2 B.  $1
C.  $3 D.  no money left
Question 2
Ben has $5. He spent $2 on lunch, and $1 on drink. How much money does he have left?
A.  $3 B.  $1.50
C.  $1 D.  $2
Question 3
Kaleb had 3 dimes , 2 quarters and 4 nickels. He bought a flower for 60 ¢. How much money does he have left?
A.  50 ¢ B.  35 ¢
C.  40 ¢ D.  45 ¢
Question 4
I have 6 coins. Two of them are dimes and the rest are nickels. How much money do I have?
A.  45 cents B.  40 cents
C.  60 cents D.  30 cents
Question 5
Sally has 8 coins. Four of them are dimes, two are nickels and the rest are pennies. How much money does Sally have?
A.  52 ¢ B.  55 ¢
C.  53 ¢ D.  45 ¢
Question 6
Brantley had 5 dimes in his pocket. He tripped and fell, and some of the dimes fell out of his pocket. He has left 20 cents in his pocket now. How many dimes did he lose?
A.  2 B.  4
C.  1 D.  3
Question 7
Jeff had 4 nickels and one dime in his pocket. He lost one nickel. How much money does he have now?
A.  20 ¢ B.  15 ¢
C.  25 ¢ D.  30 ¢
Question 8
Jerry wants to buy a toy that costs 60 ¢. He has saved 3 dimes so far. How much more money does he need to save to buy the toy?
A.  3 dimes B.  2 dimes
C.  3 nickels D.  he has enough money already
Question 9
How many pennies make one dollar?
A.  10 B.  100
C.  150 D.  200
Question 10
I have 3 coins in my pocket. The total value of the coins is 25 cents. Two coins are dimes. What is the third coin?
A.  dime B.  quarter
C.  nickel D.  penny
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