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Question 1
Jamal had to spell 38 words in a spelling test. He misspelled 15 of them.

How many words did he spell right?
A.  22 B.  23
C.  25 D.  32
Question 2
How much heavier is Box B compare to Box A?
A.  16 Lb B.  17 Lb
C.  13 Lb D.  10 Lb
Question 3
How much farther is Hampton from Norfolk compare to Portsmouth from Norfolk?
A.  12 Miles B.  10 Miles
C.  11 Miles D.  14 Miles
Question 4
Gambia river is 18 feet wide and Buller river is 39 feet wide.

How much wider is the Buller river than the Gambia river?
A.  22 feet B.  23 feet
C.  21 feet D.  18 feet
Question 5
How much farther is Somerville from Warren compare to Belleview from Warren?
A.  10 Km B.  12 Km
C.  20 Km D.  9 Km
Question 6
How much heavier is Box A compare to Box B?
A.  11 Kg B.  12 Kg
C.  13 Kg D.  15 Kg
Question 7
Jenny had to answer 29 problems in a math test. She answered 11 of them wrong.

How many problems did she answer right?
A.  19 B.  11
C.  21 D.  18
Question 8
"Building A" is 56 feet tall and "Building B" is 22 feet tall.

How much taller is "Building A"?
A.  34 B.  32
C.  36 D.  29
Question 9
There are 45 motorcycles and 14 scooters parked in a parking lot.

How many more motorcycles are there than scooters in the parking lot?
A.  32 B.  33
C.  30 D.  31
Question 10
I had $42. I gave $12 to my brother.

How much money do I have now?
A.  $33 B.  $20
C.  $31 D.  $30
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