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Question 1
How much more liquid is there in the taller container?
A.  16 liter B.  6 liter
C.  14 liter D.  26 liter
Question 2
How much longer is the train compare to the train car?
A.  11 feet B.  13 feet
C.  14 feet D.  12 feet
Question 3
How much heavier is the large bag than the small bag?
A.  12 Kg B.  21 Kg
C.  24 Kg D.  22 Kg
Question 4
How much taller is the City Hall compare to the Hospital?
A.  20 feet B.  25 feet
C.  30 feet D.  15 feet
Question 5
How much more liquid is there in the taller container?
A.  32 Liter B.  21 Liter
C.  22 Liter D.  12 Liter
Question 6
Judy had to spell 28 words in a spelling test. She misspelled 5 of them.

How many words did she spell right?
A.  12 B.  23
C.  13 D.  33
Question 7
How much taller is Matt than Brian is?
A.  21 inches B.  22 inches
C.  32 inches D.  14 inches
Question 8
Kali river is 14 meter wide and Koyal river is 45 meter wide.

How much wider is the Koyal river than the Kali river?
A.  11 meter B.  21 meter
C.  30 meter D.  31 meter
Question 9
Ron is 42 years old.

How old was he 20 years ago?
A.  23 B.  25
C.  28 D.  22
Question 10
Maria scored 59 points in first game and 35 points in second game.

How many more points did she score in the first game?
A.  22 B.  43
C.  24 D.  29
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