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Question 1
Tom is 9 years older than Mike, and Arnold is 5 years younger than Mike. Arnold is 18 years old. What is the age of Tom?
A.  30 years B.  23 years
C.  32 years D.  27 years
Question 2
Randy was born in March 12, 1996. How old will he turn in March 12, 2008?
A.  11 B.  12
C.  8 D.  10
Question 3
Keira was born in 1997 and her sister Emily was born in 1991. How older is Emily than Keira?
A.  5 years B.  4 years
C.  6 years D.  7 years
Question 4
John was born in 1971. His son Kevin is 28 years younger than he is. What year was Kevin born?
A.  1998 B.  2000
C.  1997 D.  1999
Question 5
Billy is standing in a line to buy movie ticket. There are 11 people standing in the line altogether. Six people are in front of Billy. Corry is standing last in the line. How many people are standing between Billy and Corry?
A.  2 B.  3
C.  4 D.  5
Question 6
My mom was born in 1973 and my sister Kelly was born in 2000. How old was mom when Kelly born?
A.  28 B.  29
C.  23 D.  27
Question 7
Martha is 19 years old. Her neighbor Julie is 4 years older than she is. Martha's sister Erin is 8 years younger than Martha is. What is the age difference between Erin and Julie?
A.  12 years B.  10 years
C.  9 years D.  8 years
Question 8
Which number will go in the circle?
A.  4 B.  6
C.  7 D.  5
Question 9
The exhibition sold 78 paintings on Monday and 122 paintings on Tuesday. How many more paintings were sold on Tuesday than Monday?
A.  34 B.  53
C.  44 D.  43
Question 10
A.  63 B.  72
C.  65 D.  64
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