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Question 1
The bar graph shows favorite ice-cream flavors among the second graders.
See the graph to answer this question.
How many second graders like berry flavor?
A.  3 B.  6
C.  2 D.  5
Question 2
How many more second graders like choco flavor than the pecan flavor?
A.  3 B.  5
C.  2 D.  4
Question 3
How many more second graders like choco flavor than vanilla flavor?
A.  3 B.  2
C.  4 D.  1
Question 4
Which flavor is liked by 5 children?
A.  Choco B.  Vanilla
C.  Mango D.  Cherry
Question 5
Which flavor is as popular as Cherry is?
A.  Berry B.  Vanilla
C.  Choco D.  Cherry
Question 6
How many second graders like choco or vanilla flavors?
A.  5 B.  7
C.  8 D.  10
Question 7
The table below shows drink preferences by James, Kelly, Monica, Ken and Anne.
See the table to answer this question.

Who likes apple juice?
A.  James and Monica B.  Monica and Anne
C.  James, Kelly and Ken D.  Kelly and Anne
Question 8
Who likes grape juice?
A.  Anne and Ken B.  Kelly and Anne
C.  James and Ken D.  James and Kelly
Question 9
Who likes orange juice or grape juice?
A.  Kelly and Anne B.  James, Ken and Monica
C.  Anne and Monica D.  Kelly, Monica and Anne
Question 10
Who likes grape juice, apple juice as well as mango juice?
A.  Anne and Ken B.  Ken and James
C.  Kelly D.  Monica
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