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Question 1
What is the date one week after July 7?
A.  July 13 B.  July 14
C.  July 15 D.  July 21
Question 2
What is the date fourteen days before July 23?
A.  July 12 B.  July 16
C.  July 8 D.  July 9
Question 3
What is the date four days after October 19?
A.  October 23 B.  October 22
C.  October 18 D.  October 19
Question 4
What is the date one week and 3 days after September 10?
A.  September 17 B.  September 21
C.  September 20 D.  September 19
Question 5
Maria is planning to travel to Florida on second Sunday of February. What date will she travel?
A.  February 6 B.  February 13
C.  February 20 D.  February 14
Question 6
How many Mondays are there in January?
A.  5 B.  4
C.  6 D.  7
Question 7
David attends the school chess club every other Friday. He attended the club on January 14. On what date will he attend the next class?
A.  January 16 B.  January 28
C.  January 27 D.  January 21
Question 8
Cindy's family will go to Australia for vacation in 14 days. If today is November 18, 2005, on what date will they go to Australia?
A.  November 29 B.  December 2
C.  November 30 D.  December 3
Question 9
Aspen and her sister go to Karate class every other Monday. If they had their class on June 13, on what date will they have the next class?
A.  June 24 B.  June 20
C.  June 27 D.  June 28
Question 10
Jayden will be going to Disneyland in 2 weeks. Today is March 13. What is the date he will go?
A.  March 26 B.  March 20
C.  March 28 D.  March 27
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