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Question 1
Adam has to visit his aunt in 4 days. Today is September 9. On what date will he visit his aunt?
A.  15 B.  12
C.  14 D.  13
Question 2
What day of the week is April 12?
A.  Monday B.  Wednesday
C.  Tuesday D.  Sunday
Question 3
See the calendar and answer this. On what day of the week will the month September begin?
A.  Wednesday B.  Tuesday
C.  Sunday D.  Thursday
Question 4
A Circus is going to start in 3 days. Today is August 19. On what day will the circus start?
A.  Monday B.  Sunday
C.  Wednesday D.  Tuesday
Question 5
How many Sundays are there in November, as shown below?
A.  7 B.  3
C.  4 D.  6
Question 6
How many Sundays are there in December, as shown below?
A.  3 B.  4
C.  6 D.  5
Question 7
Mr. Davis is moving to his new house in 8 days. Today is July 5. What day will he move? See the calendar to answer the question.
A.  Monday B.  Wednesday
C.  Thursday D.  Saturday
Question 8
How many days are in the month December?
A.  30 B.  29
C.  31 D.  32
Question 9
Britney's birthday party is in 15 days. Today is January 14. What day is her party?
A.  Monday B.  Saturday
C.  Sunday D.  Friday
Question 10
What is the date on the second Saturday of October?
See the calendar to answer this question.
A.  8 B.  3
C.  1 D.  15
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