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Question 1
How many faces does the shape have?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  6 D.  9
Question 2
How many lines of symmetry does this shape have?
A.  4 B.  1
C.  2 D.  3
Question 3
How many lines of symmetry does this shape have?
A.  3 B.  5
C.  2 D.  4
Question 4
I am 3 dimensional and I have one face, no sides and no edges. What Am I?
A.  Cube B.  Hexagon
C.  Sphere D.  Prism
Question 5
How many edges does this shape have?
A.  5 B.  6
C.  8 D.  9
Question 6
Which one is a sphere?
A.  a carrot B.  a dice
C.  a marble D.  a ring
Question 7
Which one is a cylinder?
A.  soda can B.  matchbox
C.  soccer ball D.  ring
Question 8
Which one is a cube?
A.  a dice B.  a nickel
C.  a envelope D.  a stamp
Question 9
How many corners does a cube have?
A.  4 B.  6
C.  7 D.  8
Question 10
What shape has a square at the bottom and a point at the top?
A.  cone B.  prism
C.  pyramid D.  cylinder
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