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Question 1
What shape is this?
A.  Cylinder B.  Cone
C.  Pyramid D.  Rectangle Cube
Question 2
How many edges does this shape have?
A.  6 B.  8
C.  9 D.  10
Question 3
How many faces does this picture have?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  6 D.  8
Question 4
Shapes that are the same size and same shape are called ________.
A.  Parallel B.  Similar
C.  Prism D.  Congruent
Question 5
This figure is a __________ line.

A.  Horizontal B.  Vertical
C.  Parallel D.  Perpendicular
Question 6
What do you call this line?
A.  Horizontal line B.  Perpendicular line
C.  Vertical line D.  Parallel line
Question 7
If two lines run side by side and never meet, they are called ________.
A.  Parallel lines B.  Perpendicular lines
C.  Intersecting lines D.  Vertical lines
Question 8
These lines are _________ lines to each other.
A.  Parallel lines B.  Horizontal lines
C.  Vertical lines D.  Perpendicular lines
Question 9
These lines are ______ lines.
A.  Perpendicular B.  Horizontal
C.  Parallel D.  Intersecting
Question 10
Which of the following shape is like a sphere?
A.  can B.  ball
C.  block D.  book
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