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Question 1
How many inches are in one foot?
A.  15 inches B.  12 inches
C.  24 inches D.  3 inches
Question 2
One dozen = ?
A.  6 things B.  10 things
C.  15 things D.  12 things
Question 3
Maria bought 2 dozens of banana. How many bananas did she buy?
A.  12 B.  36
C.  24 D.  18
Question 4
How many feet are in one yard?
A.  4 B.  3
C.  2 D.  12
Question 5
Meera bought two feet rope and gave one foot rope to Christina. What was the length of Christina's rope in inches?
A.  10 inches B.  24 inches
C.  14 inches D.  12 inches
Question 6
What unit would you use to measure temperature?
A.  Fahrenheit B.  Centimeter
C.  Quart D.  Kilogram
Question 7
What unit would you use to measure length or width of something?
A.  pounds B.  quarts
C.  meters D.  liters
Question 8
Alan wants to know how much water is there in his fish tank. What unit in the metric system should he use, to measure the amount of water?
A.  meters B.  liters
C.  centimeters D.  celsius
Question 9
Which is the longest measure?
A.  10 meters B.  50 millimeters
C.  5 centimeters D.  All are the same length
Question 10
Select the correct answer.
A.  15 inches is longer than one foot B.  one foot is shorter than 10 centimeters
C.  one yard is longer than 5 feet D.  10 millimeters is longer than one yard
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