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Question 1
Which unit of measurement is used to measure weight?
A.  meters and centimeters B.  grams and kilograms
C.  yards and feet D.  feet and meters
Question 2
Nydia weighs 67 pounds and Clair weighs 79 pounds. How much more does Clair weigh?
A.  12 meters B.  24 pounds
C.  146 pounds D.  12 pounds
Question 3
What is the approximate weight of a hamburger?
A.  4 ounces B.  4 pounds
C.  4 meters D.  4 kilograms
Question 4
Which is the largest unit of weight measurement?
A.  pounds B.  ounces
C.  tons D.  yards
Question 5
What is the approximate weight of truckload of metals?
A.  8 pounds B.  8 tons
C.  100 ounces D.  80 pounds
Question 6
______________ is a measure of the amount of liquid a container can hold.
A.  Area B.  Perimeter
C.  Capacity D.  Weight
Question 7
Which is the largest measuring unit of capacity?
A.  gallon B.  cup
C.  quart D.  pint
Question 8
How many quarts are in one gallon?
A.  2 B.  12
C.  8 D.  4
Question 9
To measure the capacity of a tub or a pool, which unit of capacity should you use?
A.  tons B.  quart
C.  gallon D.  cup
Question 10
Choose the CORRECT capacity for the following container.
A.  quart B.  gallon
C.  pint D.  cup
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