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Question 1
Choose the CORRECT capacity for the following container.
A.  one cup B.  two quarts
C.  one gallon D.  four quarts
Question 2
Choose the CORRECT capacity for the container shown in the picture.
A.  two gallons B.  one pint
C.  two quarts D.  one cup
Question 3
Reema, Mary and Kelly each purchased a rope. Reema's rope measured 72 inches, Mary's rope measured 6 feet and Kelly's rope measured 2 yards.

Who among the three had the longest rope?
A.  Reema B.  Kelly
C.  Mary D.  All three had the same length of rope
Question 4
Which of the following tools is used for measuring different objects in inches?
A.  scale B.  balance
C.  ruler D.  none of the above
Question 5
Estimate the weight.
A.  1 ounce B.  1 pound
C.  1,000 ounces D.  5 pounds
Question 6
Estimate the weight.
A.  40 ounces B.  15 pounds
C.  15,000 pounds D.  10,000 ounces
Question 7
How many pints are in one quart?
A.  2 B.  3
C.  4 D.  8
Question 8
About how long is a pencil?
A.  5 feet B.  5 inches
C.  5 yards D.  2 feet
Question 9
What is the abbreviation for pounds?
A.  oz B.  lb
C.  ft D.  kg
Question 10
Which tool can be used to weigh an object?
A.  ruler B.  cup
C.  tape D.  scale
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