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Question 1
Dillon needs to measure how wide the window is in his bedroom.

About how wide is the window?
A.  4 yard B.  4 inches
C.  4 feet D.  4 centimeter
Question 2
Cindy measures a spoon with a ruler.

About how long is the spoon?
A.  13 centimeter long B.  13 meter long
C.  13 inches long D.  2 centimeter long
Question 3
Julie knits this blanket for her baby. She wants to put a lace around the blanket. How many centimeters of the lace does she need?
A.  224 centimeters B.  140 centimeters
C.  200 centimeters D.  340 centimeters
Question 4
Approximately how many square units is the area of the following shape?
A.  30 square units B.  35 square units
C.  5 square units D.  40 square units
Question 5
Claudia made a handkerchief for her friend. It is 10 units long and 5 units wide.

What is the area of the handkerchief?
A.  5 square units B.  50 square units
C.  40 square units D.  60 square units
Question 6
About how many long is this banner?

(Use the paper clip shown in the picture to measure the length of the banner.)
A.  2 B.  4
C.  1 D.  3
Question 7
How many centimeters are in one meter?
A.  10 B.  1,000
C.  100 D.  12
Question 8
Which of the following amount is greatest?
A.  3 Quarts B.  3 Pints
C.  5 pints D.  4 pints
Question 9
Angie is making a fruit punch for her party. She needs 4 cups of pineapple juice and 2 cups of strawberry juice.

How many pints of pineapple juice does she need to buy?
A.  2 pints B.  3 pints
C.  1 pints D.  8 pints
Question 10
Kristen drinks 8 cups of water everyday.

How many quarts of water is that?
A.  1 quart B.  3 quart
C.  4 quarts D.  2 quarts
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