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Question 1
Hussein chooses a jacket and mittens to wear to go to work. What could be the outside temperature?
A.  80°F B.  72°F
C.  27°F D.  68°F
Question 2
Which of the following temperature means a very hot day?
A.  91°F B.  12°F
C.  65°F D.  50°F
Question 3
Which of the following can be used to measure temperature?
A.  scale B.  ruler
C.  thermometer D.  anemometer
Question 4
A thermometer can be used to measure temperature in Fahrenheit (°F)
or in _____________.
A.  millimeter B.  degree Celsius
C.  gallon D.  kilogram
Question 5
About how much does Alan's toy car weigh?
A.  100 pounds B.  2 ounces
C.  15 pounds D.  1 pound
Question 6
Which of the following units will you use to measure the weight of a computer?
A.  quart B.  Fahrenheit
C.  inch D.  pound
Question 7
Kelly needs to measure the temperature of water. Which unit of measurement should she use?
A.  °F B.  milliliter
C.  pint D.  quart
Question 8
Brenda needs to cut a 64 inches long rope into four equal pieces. Which measuring tool does she need?
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Question 9
Michael and Ivan are making a snowman in their backyard. What temperature could it be?
A.  88°F B.  26°F
C.  67°F D.  95°F
Question 10
Which tool is needed to measure the height of a?
A.  scale B.  cup
C.  ruler D.  quart
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