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Question 1
How many lines of symmetry does the square shown below have?
A.  2 B.  3
C.  4 D.  6
Question 2
Which of the following letters has two lines of symmetry?
A.  C B.  H
C.  D D.  M
Question 3
Which of the following letters has no line of symmetry?
A.  R B.  X
C.  V D.  E
Question 4
Yesterday it was 69 degrees outside. It is 80 degrees today. How much hotter is it today than yesterday?
A.  10 degrees B.  9 degrees
C.  11 degrees D.  12 degrees
Question 5
Which symbol should go in the box?
871 809
A.  = B.  >
C.  < D.  all of the above
Question 6
What is the geometric name for the shape shown below?
A.  pyramid B.  hexagon
C.  rectangle D.  cuboid
Question 7
Which number is 50 more than 405?
A.  455 B.  450
C.  405 D.  460
Question 8
What time will this clock show in 15 minutes?
A.  2:15 B.  2:30
C.  2:20 D.  2:25
Question 9
Six boys are playing in a park. Each boy is holding 4 balloons. How many balloons are there in all?
A.  20 B.  24
C.  10 D.  30
Question 10
Tracy went to bed at 10 P.M. and woke-up at 6 A.M. How many hours did she sleep?
A.  6 hours B.  4 hours
C.  16 hours D.  8 hours
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