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Question 1
Sarah ate 6 cookies and Molly ate twice as many. How many cookies did Molly eat?
A.  8 B.  4
C.  3 D.  12
Question 2
I have 3 coins in my pocket. The total value of the coins is 45 cents. One coin is a quarter. What are the two other coins?
A.  nickels B.  dimes
C.  pennies D.  quarters
Question 3
Rita had $2.50. She spent two quarters to buy a candy and 5 dimes to buy a pencil. How much money did she have left?
A.  $2 B.  $1.20
C.  $1.50 D.  $1.75
Question 4
Find the product.
A.  69 B.  60
C.  99 D.  66
Question 5
Which of the following instrument is used to measure temperature?
A.  Ruler B.  Weighing scale
C.  Inch tape D.  Thermometer
Question 6
Today is a very cold winter day. What could be the outside temperature?
A.  800F B.  580F
C.  300F D.  610F
Question 7
My gym class starts at 11:15 and ends at 12:00. How long does the gym class last?
A.  40 minutes B.  45 minutes
C.  35 minutes D.  50 minutes
Question 8
Jordan had 3 quarters, 6 nickels and 5 dimes. She bought a snack for $1.00. How much money does she have left now?
A.  50 cents B.  45 cents
C.  60 cents D.  55 cents
Question 9
9 × = 90
A.  10 B.  5
C.  15 D.  100
Question 10
Mrs. Parker has 60 binders to pass out to the students in her class. How many binders would each student get if there were 20 students in the class?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  3 D.  6
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