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Question 1
Count the money shown in the picture.

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A.  50¢ B.  39¢
C.  51¢ D.  49¢
Question 2
Julia has saved following coins in her piggy bank so far. She wants to buy a ring that costs 70¢. How much more money does she need?

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A.  5¢ B.  15¢
C.  25¢ D.  10¢
Question 3
How many nickels can you get with three dimes?
A.  6 B.  7
C.  5 D.  8
Question 4
Jason has three dimes, 5 nickels, 2 quarters and 10 pennies. How much money is that?
A.  One dollar and 25¢ B.  One dollar and 5¢
C.  One dollar and 15¢ D.  95¢
Question 5
What is the total value of the money shown in the picture?
A.  40¢ B.  30¢
C.  41¢ D.  38¢
Question 6
The picture below shows all coins Reema had in her purse. Her dad gives her 5 more nickels. How much money does Reema have now?
A.  85¢ B.  75¢
C.  80¢ D.  90¢
Question 7
Ryan has three quarters and wants to buy the teddy bear shown below. How much more money does he need?
A.  three dimes B.  two nickels
C.  one quarter D.  two quarters
Question 8
How many dimes can you get with a one dollar bill?
A.  5 B.  10
C.  15 D.  8
Question 9
Josh bought a slice of pizza shown below and paid the cashier with a one dollar bill. How much change should he get?
A.  20¢ B.  35¢
C.  15¢ D.  25¢
Question 10
How many quarters can you get with one dollar?
A.  3 B.  2
C.  5 D.  4
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