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Question 1
Donald went to a store to buy a chocolate. The chocolate cost 79¢. Donald paid for the chocolate with a one dollar bill. How much change did he get back?
A.  one dimes and one penny B.  three nickel and two penny
C.  one dime and three pennies D.  two dimes and one penny
Question 2
James bought 2 packages of crayons for 50 cents each. He also bought one eraser for 35 cents. How much did James spend?
A.  $1.30 B.  $1.35
C.  $1.25 D.  $1.45
Question 3
How much money is this?

4 Nickels + 5 Pennies
A.  25 cents B.  15 cents
C.  24 cents D.  26 cents
Question 4
10 pennies +  ?  dimes + 7 nickels + 2 quarters = $1.15
A.  3 B.  4
C.  2 D.  5
Question 5
Christina had 3 quarters, 5 nickels, 7 dimes and 30 pennies. Her mom gave her 6 nickels more for vacuuming the house. How much money does Christina have now?
A.  $1.90 B.  $2.25
C.  $2.40 D.  $2.30
Question 6
Which option shows one penny in numerical form?
A.  $0.01 B.  $0.10
C.  $1.0 D.  $10
Question 7
How many nickels can you get with a quarter?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  6 D.  10
Question 8
Monica went to the store to buy a poster. It cost 55¢. What coins did she use, if she used 10 coins to pay?
A.  1 quarter and 9 nickels B.  5 dimes and 5 pennies
C.  9 nickels and 1 penny D.  2 quarters and 8 pennies
Question 9
Mary had $1.20 in her pocket, which included quarters, nickels and dimes. She lost three coins while going to the school. She had left with 90¢ only. Which three coins did she lose?
A.  dime B.  nickel
C.  penny D.  quarter
Question 10
Joseph bought a pair of sock for 95 ¢. If he used 5 coins, what coins did he use to pay?
A.  2 quarters and 3 dimes B.  4 nickels and 3 dimes
C.  3 quarters and 2 dimes D.  2 quarters and 3 nickels
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