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Question 1
According to the bar chart, which car had maximum sale?
A.  Buick B.  Toyota
C.  Honda D.  BMW
Question 2
According to the bar chart, how many more Honda cars than BMW cars were sold?
A.  50 B.  40
C.  30 D.  10
Question 3
How many more Buick cars than Mercedes cars were sold?
A.  30 B.  10
C.  25 D.  20
Question 4
How many less Kia cars than Toyota cars were sold in January?
A.  10 B.  40
C.  15 D.  25
Question 5
According to the bar chart, which container can hold maximum amount of water?
A.  Mug B.  Bottle
C.  Carton D.  Glass
Question 6
How much more water can a bottle hold than a Mug?
A.  1000 ml B.  800 ml
C.  100 ml D.  150 ml
Question 7
List the containers in order from the container with the maximum capacity to the container with the least capacity.
A.  mug, bottle, carton, cup, glass, can B.  can, cup, glass, carton, mug, bottle
C.  bottle, mug, carton, cup, can, glass D.  bottle, mug, carton, glass, cup, can
Question 8
According to the bar chart, how much less water can a cup hold than a bottle?
A.  500 ml B.  1000 ml
C.  400 ml D.  600 ml
Question 9
How much more water can a bottle hold than a glass?
A.  400 ml B.  450 ml
C.  900 ml D.  475 ml
Question 10
The line chart below shows average monthly temperatures in a city from January to November.
See the chart to answer the following question.

In which two months the average temperature was 50 degree Fahrenheit?
A.  March and July B.  July and January
C.  March and November D.  March and September
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