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Question 1
How many sides does a trapezoid have?
A.  5 B.  4
C.  6 D.  9
Question 2
Which of these items is a cylinder?
A.  ice cream cone B.  soccer ball
C.  soup can D.  gift box
Question 3
Which figure is a ray?
A.  AB B.  OP
C.  XY D.  none of the above
Question 4
What does AB represent?
A.  line B.  line segment
C.  ray D.  angle
Question 5
Which pair of lines is intersecting?
A.  B. 
C.  D.  none of the above
Question 6
What is the geometric name of the figure shown below?
A.  trapezoid B.  rectangle
C.  square D.  pentagon
Question 7
Which option shows a CORRECT geometric name for the figure shown below?
A.  pentagon B.  decagon
C.  octagon D.  nonagon
Question 8
How many angles does a rectangle have?
A.  3 B.  5
C.  2 D.  4
Question 9
What do you call a polygon with 8 sides and 8 angles?
A.  octagon B.  rectangle
C.  hexagon D.  square
Question 10
Which option shows two congruent figures?
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
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