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Question 1
Which geometric figure will come next in the pattern shown below?
A.  trapezoid B.  octagon
C.  hexagon D.  square
Question 2
How many are needed to make the group shown below?
A.  10 B.  12
C.  14 D.  8
Question 3
What type of triangle is shown below?
A.  acute B.  obtuse
C.  right D.  none of the above
Question 4
Which of the following types of triangle has three unequal sides?
A.  equilateral triangle B.  Isosceles triangle
C.  scalene triangle D.  none of the above
Question 5
A triangle having all three sides of equal length is called a ____________________.
A.  equilateral triangle B.  obtuse triangle
C.  scalene triangle D.  right triangle
Question 6
Which of the following is NOT a polygon?
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Question 7
Which of the following polygons has 4 right angles?
A.  pentagon B.  hexagon
C.  equilateral triangle D.  square
Question 8
What do you call a 3D figure with 2 faces but NO edges and vertices?
A.  sphere B.  cone
C.  cylinder D.  cube
Question 9
Which space figure has NO edges?
A.  cylinder B.  sphere
C.  cube D.  cone
Question 10
I am a 3 dimensional figure. I have 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. What figure am I?
A.  pyramid B.  cylinder
C.  sphere D.  cube
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