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Question 1
Three feet equals how many inches?
A.  12 inches B.  36 inches
C.  18 inches D.  24 inches
Question 2
Which option shows the temperatures in order from coldest to warmest?
A.  400F,  320C,  200C B.  320C,   500F,  280F
C.  200F,  320C,  400C D.  450C,   650F,   200F
Question 3
Which of the following temperatures outside will be good for skiing?
A.  230C B.  700F
C.  600F D.  250F
Question 4
Which of the following is the freezing temperature of the water?
A.  100C B.  500F
C.  1000C D.  00C
Question 5
The temperature in the morning was 480C. It dropped 30C in the evening. What was the temperature in the evening?
A.  450C B.  510C
C.  440C D.  450F
Question 6
Morris went water skiing today. What could the outside temperature be?
A.  190C B.  450F
C.  290C D.  320F
Question 7
Which length is the shortest?
A.  2 feet B.  3 inches
C.  3 meters D.  3 feet
Question 8
Estimate the length of a classroom.
A.  3 feet B.  15 miles
C.  12 inches D.  15 yards
Question 9
Estimate the length of a sofa.
A.  7 centimeters B.  7 miles
C.  7 feet D.  7 inches
Question 10
Which is NOT a unit to measure length?
A.  pounds B.  miles
C.  yards D.  inches
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