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Question 1
Nancy, Reena, and Megan each have a rope. Nancy's rope is 36 inches long. Nancy's rope is 12 inches shorter than Reena's rope. Megan's rope is 10 inches shorter than Reena's rope. How many inches long is Megan's rope?
A.  48 inches B.  36 inches
C.  38 inches D.  40 inches
Question 2
Which is a CORRECT unit to measure the capacity of a spoon?
A.  liters B.  milliliters
C.  gallons D.  kilograms
Question 3
A box full of apples weighs 3,200 grams. Which of the following is equal to that weight?
A.  0.32 kg B.  320 kg
C.  32 kg D.  3.2 kg
Question 4
Which of the following is a best estimate for the weight of a slice of cheese?
A.  25 kg B.  25 g
C.  250 kg D.  6,000 g
Question 5
What unit would you use to measure the distance to school?
A.  kilometers B.  meters
C.  decimeters D.  centimeters
Question 6

5 km  =  _______  m
A.  500 B.  50
C.  50,000 D.  5,000
Question 7
Which distance is the longest?
A.  100 meter B.  10 centimeter
C.  100 kilometer D.  900 millimeter
Question 8
Central Plaza, located in Wan Chai, is the second tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong with a height of 1,227 ft. Which of the following is same as 1,227 ft?
A.  4,090 yards B.  49 yards
C.  409 yards D.  4.9 yards
Question 9
It is 120C. If the temperature becomes 6 degrees warmer, then what will the temperature be?
A.  60C B.  180C
C.  200C D.  190C
Question 10
Which weight is the lightest?
A.  60 g B.  2 kg
C.  250 g D.  0.5 kg
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