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Question 1
A grocery store sold 475 cereal boxes in one week. It sold 516 cereal boxes the next week. How many boxes of cereal did the store sell during the two weeks?
A.  901 B.  991
C.  41 D.  981
Question 2
Which shape is shaded?
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Question 3
Which number can be divided by 3 and 4?
A.  20 B.  15
C.  24 D.  18
Question 4
Patty bought one notebook for $2.50, one pen for $1.20 and one scissor for $4.05. How much money did she spend for her purchase?
A.  $7.05 B.  $8.25
C.  $7.65 D.  $7.75
Question 5
Round 168 to the nearest hundred.
A.  100 B.  200
C.  150 D.  170
Question 6
To get 8 as the quotient, what number is to be divided by 6?
A.  48 B.  40
C.  64 D.  56
Question 7
Brian has 87 cards. Jacob has 29 cards less. How many cards do Brian and Jacob have altogether?
A.  58 B.  116
C.  145 D.  155
Question 8
Patricia went to the gym at half past 5 and came out of the gym at quarter to 7. How much time did she spend in the gym?
A.  two hour and 15 minutes B.  one hour and 30 minutes
C.  45 minutes D.  one hour and 15 minutes
Question 9
The temperature inside the cave is 45oF. The temperature outside is 68oF. About how many degrees Fahrenheit warmer is the temperature outside?
A.  22oF B.  23oF
C.  24oF D.  25oF
Question 10
Find the difference.
A.  374 B.  466
C.  574 D.  474
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