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Question 1
What geometric figure does the wooden box shown below represent?
A.  cube B.  square pyramid
C.  rectangular prism D.  sphere
Question 2
A store sold 375 boxes of Oatmeal cereal and 623 boxes of Rice Crispy cereal in one month.

How many more Rice Crispy boxes were sold than the oatmeal boxes?
A.  348 B.  248
C.  145 D.  258
Question 3
The clocks below show the times at which David started and finished painting his room.

How long did it take David to paint his room?
A.  2 hours and 20 minutes B.  1 hour and 20 minutes
C.  2 hours and 28 minutes D.  2 hours
Question 4
Find the sum.
A.  96 B.  104
C.  105 D.  204
Question 5
Jared has 44 blue marbles.

What is 44 rounded to the nearest ten?
A.  50 B.  40
C.  45 D.  60
Question 6
Mr. Kelso planted 15 rows of Dahlia plants in his garden. There are 24 plants in each row.

How many plants are there altogether?
A.  300 B.  260
C.  360 D.  350
Question 7
Margaret was born in 1989.

How old will she turn in 2001?
A.  10 B.  9
C.  13 D.  12
Question 8
Randy started his project at 4:45 P.M. and finished it in one and half-hour.

What time did he finish his project?
A.  6:15 P.M. B.  5:45 P.M.
C.  6:30 P.M. D.  6:45 P.M.
Question 9
What do you call a solid shape with triangular faces?
A.  sphere B.  cylinder
C.  cube D.  pyramid
Question 10
What is 221 rounded to the nearest hundred?
A.  100 B.  120
C.  110 D.  200
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