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Question 1
Anthony has been saving money to buy a toy for his friend. The toy costs $14.50, but Anthony has saved $9.30 so far. How much more money does he need to save?
A.  $4.25 B.  $5.20
C.  $4.20 D.  $3.75
Question 2
Round $4.23 to the nearest dollar.
A.  $4.20 B.  $4.50
C.  $4.00 D.  $5.00
Question 3
Trevor buys a hamster for $8.10 and some hamster food for $4.90. If he pays the cashier with a twenty-dollar bill, how much change will he get?
A.  $7.30 B.  $5.50
C.  $6 D.  $7
Question 4
The table below shows the list of all the activities The Country Fun Park has.
Lee has $12 in his pocket, which two activities can he do?
A.  Rock Climbing and Bungee Jumping B.  Rock Climbing and Roller Coaster Ride
C.  Bungee Jumping and Roller Coaster Ride D.  Any two activities
Question 5
Helen buys three packs of bubble gum for $4.60. She gives the cashier a five-dollar bill and asks him to give her change using minimum number of coins. What is the best combination of coins can she receive?
A.  3 dimes, 2 nickels B.  3 dimes, 1 nickel, 5 pennies
C.  2 quarters, 1 nickel D.  1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel
Question 6
What is the total value of the money?
A.  $5.18 B.  $6.70
C.  $6.18 D.  $7.15
Question 7
Round $17.36 to the nearest ten dollars.
A.  $20 B.  $10
C.  $15 D.  $17
Question 8
Daniel has $36.35, Madison has $33.76, Jay has $31.34, and Kent has $34.85. Who among the four friends has about $40.00?
A.  Kent B.  Madison
C.  Jay D.  Daniel
Question 9
Round $8.34 to the nearest dollar.
A.  $7.00 B.  $8.00
C.  $9.00 D.  $8.50
Question 10
The third grade students raised $67.34 for the Sick Children's Hospital. What is the amount third grade collected rounded to the nearest ten dollars?
A.  $60 B.  $70
C.  $62 D.  $75
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