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Question 1
What time will the clock show in 10 minutes?
A.  2:00 B.  2:15
C.  2:05 D.  1:55
Question 2
How much time has passed between the two clocks?
A.  7 minutes B.  5 minutes
C.  10 minutes D.  8 minutes
Question 3
The third-grade gym class starts at 10:25 A.M. It ends at 11:10 A.M. How long does the class last?
A.  one hour B.  45 minutes
C.  40 minutes D.  55 minutes
Question 4
Jamie can walk one mile in 5 minutes. The Lakeview Park is 3 miles away from her home. What time will Jamie reach the park, if she starts walking from her home at 3:15 pm?
A.  3:25 PM B.  3:35 PM
C.  3:30 PM D.  3:40 PM
Question 5
What time does the clock show?
A.  4:12 B.  4:15
C.  3:15 D.  4:10
Question 6
How much time has passed?
A.  30 minutes B.  37 minutes
C.  35 minutes D.  40 minutes
Question 7
Gracy started painting a bed-sheet at 9 A.M. She finished painting at 10 P.M. How long did it take her to paint the bed-sheet?
A.  12 hours B.  13 hours
C.  10 hours D.  1 hour
Question 8
What time does the clock show?
A.  6:55 B.  6:50
C.  6:58 D.  6:57
Question 9
How much time has passed between the clocks?
A.  20 minutes B.  16 minutes
C.  18 minutes D.  15 minutes
Question 10
How much time does the minute hand take to move from 2 to 4?
A.  5 minutes B.  15 minutes
C.  10 minutes D.  60 minutes
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