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Question 1

Find the measure of the missing angle.

A.  90o B.  70o
C.  55o D.  65o
Question 2

What is the geometric name of the quadrilateral shown below?

A.  rhombus B.  trapezoid
C.  rectangle D.  square
Question 3

Which is the geometric term for PRQ?

A.  right angle B.  acute angle
C.  obtuse angle D.  straight angle
Question 4

What kind of triangle always has 3 acute angles and 3 sides the same length?

A.  scalene B.  right
C.  equilateral D.  isosceles
Question 5

Two angles in a triangle measure 35o and 115o. What is the measure of the third angle?

A.  35o B.  30o
C.  45o D.  25o
Question 6

Identify the quadrilateral shown below.

A.  rhombus B.  rectangle
C.  trapezoid D.  parallelogram
Question 7

What is the measure of angle K?

A.  90o B.  110o
C.  100o D.  120o
Question 8

Three angles in a quadrilateral measure 70o, 60o and 120o.

What is the measure of the fourth angle?

A.  110o B.  130o
C.  100o D.  120o
Question 9

Classify the triangle by the length of its sides.

A.  right B.  isosceles
C.  scalene D.  obtuse
Question 10

Which of the following could be the measure of an acute angle?

A.  130o B.  90o
C.  180o D.  50o
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