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Question 1
You decide to wear a jacket to go outside your house. What is the temperature most likely to be?
A.  78o F B.  25o C
C.  35o C D.  50o F
Question 2
In the morning, the temperature was −10 oC and it decreased 3 degrees by the evening. What was the temperature in the evening?
A.  −7oC B.  −23oC
C.  −13oC D.  −12oC
Question 3
Which amount is equal in capacity to 4 gallons?
A.  24 quarts B.  24 pints
C.  48 cups D.  64 cups
Question 4
A store is selling apple juice for $2.75 per gallon. How much money does Rosa need to buy 4 gallons of apple juice?
A.  $11 B.  $10.75
C.  $12 D.  $11.25
Question 5
The temperature in the morning was −4o C. During the day, the temperature rose 12o C. How warmer was the day?
A.  −16o C B.  8o C
C.  −8o C D.  16o C
Question 6
Find the difference between the temperatures.
7oC and −19oC
A.  26oC B.  − 26oC
C.  12oC D.  − 12oC
Question 7
Find the difference between the temperatures.
39oC and 67 oC
A.  28oC B.  27oC
C.  −28oC D.  29oC
Question 8
Which of the following temperatures is the coldest?
A.  − 5o C B.  0o C
C.  − 9o C D.  32o F
Question 9
What is the boiling point of water?
A.  0o C B.  32o F
C.  100o C D.  100o F
Question 10
Which of the following is the freezing temperature of water?
A.  10o C B.  50o F
C.  1o C D.  0o C
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