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Question 1
How many 200 mL measures of water will fill a one-liter container?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  2 D.  10
Question 2
A bottle contains 1,050 mL of oil. How many liters and milliliters of oil is there in the bottle?
A.  1 liter 5 mL B.  10 liter 50 mL
C.  1 liter 500 mL D.  1 liter 50 mL
Question 3
The cost of 1 kg of sugar is $5.80. How much will 500 grams of sugar cost?
A.  $2.90 B.  $3.50
C.  $11.60 D.  $2900
Question 4
How many centimeters are in meters?
A.  700 B.  705
C.  750 D.  70
Question 5
A juice carton holds about 30 of juice.
A.  gallons B.  pints
C.  quarts D.  fluid ounces
Question 6
Mrs. Wright made 1 gallon of lemonade for her 4 children. If each child drinks the same amount, how many cups of lemonade each child will drink?
A.  16 B.  8
C.  4 D.  6
Question 7
How many ounces are in 12 pounds?
A.  192 B.  145
C.  199 D.  129
Question 8
At what temperature can you do ice-skating?
A.  30o C B.  58o F
C.  28o F D.  18o C
Question 9
Which temperature would be best for swimming?
A.  40o F B.  30o C
C.  48o C D.  61o F
Question 10
Which temperature is the coldest?
A.  2o C B.  10o C
C.  71o F D.  -10o C
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