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Question 1
It is 4:15 a.m. What time will it be in hours?
A.  5:45 a.m. B.  6:30 a.m.
C.  6:45 a.m. D.  6:15 a.m.
Question 2
See the table below to answer this question.

Gina paid for 2 Vanilla cones with a $10 dollar-bill. How much change will she receive?
A.  $5.70 B.  $3.70
C.  $4.80 D.  $4.70
Question 3
See the table below to answer this question.

Mr. Raymond bought one cone of each type of ice cream for each of his four children. How much will it cost?
A.  $10.45 B.  $9.75
C.  $11.45 D.  $10.50
Question 4
Natalie bought 2 cones for $5.80. Which two ice creams did she buy?
A.  Chocolate and Butter Pecan B.  Butter Pecan and Sherbet
C.  Vanilla and Sherbet D.  Vanilla and Butter Pecan
Question 5
Which two shapes are congruent?
A.  P and B B.  P and G
C.  A and R D.  S and R
Question 6
feet =  ____ inches
A.  12 B.  18
C.  16 D.  15
Question 7
Identify the right triangle.
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Question 8
Which digit is at hundred thousands place in 5,678,320?
A.  5 B.  7
C.  6 D.  8
Question 9
Which is same as 10 gallons?
A.  80 quarts B.  40 pints
C.  60 pints D.  40 quarts
Question 10
Which option shows a measure of an acute angle?
A.  60o B.  90o
C.  120o D.  180o
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