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Question 1
James bought a book for $4.49. He paid for it with a $10-bill. How much change should he get?
A.  $5.48 B.  $5.00
C.  $5.61 D.  $5.51
Question 2
The cost of one pound of plums is $1.34. How much will 3 pounds of plums cost?
A.  $4.00 B.  $4.02
C.  $5.12 D.  $4.03
Question 3
Cindy went to an amusement park with $50 in her purse. At the park, she did Roller Coaster ride, a Water ride and Ferris Wheel.

She had enough money left for one more activity. Based on the following table, what remaining activity could she do?
A.  Free Fall B.  Space Mission
C.  both D.  none
Question 4
The cost of 3 yards of a cloth is $18.54. Find the cost of 2 feet of the same cloth.
(Hint: 1 yard = 3 feet)
A.  $2.06 B.  $5.12
C.  $4.12 D.  $4.90
Question 5
Cindy paid with a $20 bill to buy one ticket for the Water Ride. How much change did she receive?
See the table to answer this question.
A.  $12.01 B.  $11.00
C.  $11.01 D.  $11.11
Question 6
Martin has $36. Which three rides can he take?
A.  Roller Coaster, Water Ride and Space Mission B.  Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster and Water Ride
C.  Space Mission, Free Fall and Water Ride D.  Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster and Free Fall
Question 7
How much money is a $5 bill, a quarter, three dimes, three nickels and 4 pennies?
A.  $5.75 B.  $5.74
C.  $5.80 D.  $5.73
Question 8
Nancy is buying a sweater for $12.50. She pays the cashier with a $10 bill and a $5 bill. How much change will she get?
A.  $1.75 B.  $2.00
C.  $3.00 D.  $2.50
Question 9
How many quarters are there in $20?
A.  50 B.  100
C.  80 D.  75
Question 10
A penny is one hundredth of a dollar. Which option below shows one-hundredth?
A.  0.1 B.  0.01
C.  0.001 D.  100
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