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Question 1
See the table to answer this question.

Arleen has $2.50 in her purse. Which two items can she buy with her money?

A.  Mouthwash and Soap B.  Toothbrush and Shampoo
C.  Shampoo and Mouthwash D.  Shampoo and Soap
Question 2
Round $17.35 to the nearest ten dollars.

A.  $15 B.  $20
C.  $18 D.  $10
Question 3
Mrs. Brown is taking her music group to the City Amusement Park. Park ticket for an adult is $4.50 and for a child is $2.25.

If there are 2 adults and 5 children in the group, how much money does Mrs. Brown have to pay to buy the tickets?

A.  $9 B.  $11.25
C.  $15 D.  $20.25
Question 4
One pair of socks costs $3.85, one dozen bananas cost $1.60 and one yard of a satin cloth costs $5.50. Mary bought 2 pair of socks, half dozen bananas and 3 yards of satin cloth.

How much money did she pay for her purchase?

A.  $20 B.  $23
C.  $25 D.  $24
Question 5
Kim is selling her toys in the garage sale. She sold her bike to Mitch for $8.75. Mitch gave her $10 bill.

How much change does Kim have to give to Mitch?

A.  a dollar bill and two quarters B.  four quarters and two dimes
C.  three quarters, three dimes and a nickel D.  a dollar bill and one quarter
Question 6
Rita sold her bike to Maria for $59.65 at a loss of $23.35.

What price did Rita pay for the bike?

A.  $83 B.  $80
C.  $36.30 D.  $84
Question 7
If cost of 12 markers is $7.20, how much will 4 markers cost?

A.  $1.40 B.  $0.60
C.  $1.80 D.  $2.40
Question 8
Jade bought a belt for $6.40. After paying for the belt, she received $13.60 change from the cashier.

How much money did she pay the cashier?

A.  $10 bill B.  $5 bill
C.  $20 bill D.  $50 bill
Question 9
Nick bought 10 pounds of apples for $13.65 from a farm. He sold those apples to a nearby store for $21.85.

How much profit did he make?

A.  $8.30 B.  $8.20
C.  $7.80 D.  $8.68
Question 10
$15.00 - ?  =  $12.25

A.  $2.35 B.  $2.75
C.  $3.55 D.  $3.75
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