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Question 1
Daniel needs four posters for his social study presentation. The cost of 6 posters is $4.92.

If Daniel buys four posters and pays with a $5 bill, how much change will he get?

A.  $1.63 B.  $1.72
C.  $0.08 D.  $1.25
Question 2
Mr. Fredrick grows tomatoes and sells them in a vegetable market. He sells tomatoes for $0.75 per pound. Marianne bought 5 pounds of tomatoes and gave Mr. Fredrick a $10 bill.

How much change should she get?

A.  one $5 bill, two $1 bills and one quarter B.  7 quarters and a $5 bill
C.  one $5 bill, one $1 bill and one quarter D.  one $5 bill, two $1 bills and two dimes
Question 3
Joe and Mark are construction workers working in two different cities. Joe makes $126 per day while Mark makes one-third of what Joe makes.

If Mark works 5 days in a week, how much money will he make in one week?

A.  $42 B.  $214
C.  $94 D.  $210
Question 4
Amir bought a coat for $55.35.

If he used 6 bills and 2 coins to pay, what bills and coins did he use?

A.  five $10-bills, one $5-bill, one quarter, and one dime B.  four $10 bills, one $5-bill, one quarter, and one dime
C.  five $10-bills, one $5-bill, two quarters, and one dime D.  five $10-bills, one $5-bill, one quarter, and two dimes
Question 5
$7.05 + $0.45 = ?

A.  $7.45 B.  $7.94
C.  $7.50 D.  $7.55
Question 6
Abigail went to a store to buy a ruler. It cost 99¢.

What coins did she use, if she used 9 coins to pay?

A.  2 quarters, 3 dimes, and 5 pennies B.  3 quarters, 3 dimes, and 4 pennies
C.  3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies D.  3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 4 pennies
Question 7
$40  +   $4.08  +  $5.23  +  $7.14  =  ?

A.  $49.31 B.  $56.45
C.  $16.45 D.  $55.45
Question 8
Mr. Jones earns $126 per day by working at a bakery. He donates of his per day earning to the Children's Welfare Program.

How much money does he donate per day?

A.  $16 B.  $20
C.  $14 D.  $13
Question 9
If one chapstick costs $0.56, how much will 4 chapsticks cost?

A.  2.24 B.  2.04
C.  2.14 D.  3.21
Question 10
Anita earns $23 for babysitting each week. She also earns $17 per week for tutoring her cousin.

What is the amount of money Anita will have at the end of five weeks?

A.  $40 B.  $129
C.  $201 D.  $200
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