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Question 1
World's second longest river, Amazon river is six thousand four hundred thirty-seven kilometers in length. How do you write length of Amazon River in standard form?
A.  60,437 B.  6,437
C.  600,437 D.  640,370
Question 2
How do you write 670,345 in word form?
A.  six hundred seventy thousand, three hundred forty-five B.  sixty hundred seventy thousand, three hundred forty
C.  six hundred seven thousand, three hundred forty-five D.  six hundred thousand, three hundred forty-five
Question 3
Which digit is in the hundred thousands place in 1,345,678?
A.  1 B.  4
C.  3 D.  5
Question 4
What place value does the 7 have in 4,729,315?
A.  thousands B.  ten thousands
C.  hundred thousands D.  one millions
Question 5
Which option shows the following number in standard form?

Eight hundred three thousand five hundred sixty-four
A.  80,356,40 B.  83,564
C.  803,560 D.  803,564
Question 6
In 2005, Sweden's population was 9,001,774. How do you write this number in word form?
A.  nine billion one thousand seven hundred seventy-four B.  ninety million one thousand seven hundred seventy-four
C.  nine million one thousand seven hundred seventy-four D.  nine million seventeen thousand seventy-four
Question 7
Which number is one hundred thousand more than 2,215,371?
A.  2,225,371 B.  3,215,371
C.  2,315,371 D.  2,216,371
Question 8
Which 8 digit number has 5 in the hundred thousands place, 2 in the ten thousands place and 7 in the one millions place?
A.  17,253,000 B.  67,523,000
C.  70,523,199 D.  7,253,000
Question 9
What is the value of the 4 in the number 4,321,900?
A.  4 millions B.  40 million
C.  400 thousands D.  4 billions
Question 10
Denmark's population in 2005 was five million four hundred thirty-two thousand three hundred thirty-five. Which option shows this number?
A.  5,430,335 B.  50,432,335
C.  5,432,305 D.  5,432,335
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