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Question 1
Rose has 945 stamps in her collection. Anna has 179 fewer in her collection. How many stamps does Anna have?
A.  756 B.  1124
C.  776 D.  766
Question 2
The vacation to Florida costs $895, while the vacation to Jamaica costs $1,279. By how much amount is the vacation to Florida cheaper than vacation to Jamaica?
A.  $384 B.  $374
C.  $394 D.  $404
Question 3
A builder bought 7,452 bricks but used only 2,547 bricks. How many bricks are left with the builder?
A.  4,900 B.  4,895
C.  4,905 D.  9,999
Question 4
Mr. Smith took a taxi from his home to the airport and paid $68. He is left with $231 now. How much money Mr. Smith had when he left home?
A.  $319 B.  $299
C.  $289 D.  $309
Question 5
Robin traveled 110 kms by train, 82 kms by bus and 3 km by taxi. How much is the total distance did she travel?
A.  113 kms B.  85 kms
C.  192 kms D.  195 kms
Question 6
Mr. Sawyer works for 128hrs a month. His wife works for 76hrs a month. What is the total number of hours they work each month?
A.  200hrs B.  194hrs
C.  214hrs D.  204hrs
Question 7
A charity collected $285 in 1st week, $323 in 2nd week, $191 in 3rd week and $89 in 4th week. How much is the total money collected by the charity?
A.  $888 B.  $898
C.  $798 D.  $988
Question 8
An electrician buys 500 m of wire. He uses 82 m in 1st week and 76 m in 2nd week. How much wire is left with the electrician after 2nd week?
A.  324 m B.  418 m
C.  342 m D.  424 m
Question 9
Mrs. Kilby adds 750 gms flour, 100 gms salt, 200 gms sugar and 200 gms butter to make a cake. What is the weight of total material added to make the cake?
A.  1,050 gms B.  1,250 gms
C.  1,150 gms D.  1,350 gms
Question 10
A race driver raced 642 kms on 1st day and 765 kms on 2nd day. How much more distance did the race driver cover on second day?
A.  1,407 kms B.  123 kms
C.  103 kms D.  133 kms
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