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Question 1
Ron has 1,258 more stamps than Stephen does. Stephen has 1,425 stamps. How many stamps does Ron have in his collection?
A.  2,703 B.  167
C.  2,673 D.  2,683
Question 2
The distance between Toronto and London is 5,571 kms while the distance between Toronto and Cairo is 9,012 kms. How much extra will you have to travel to go to Cairo from Toronto compared to going to London from Toronto?
A.  3,451 kms B.  3,441 kms
C.  3,461 kms D.  3,431 kms
Question 3
Mrs. White adds 1,450 ml of water to the 2,200 ml mixture of milk & strawberry syrup. What is the total volume after all the three products are mixed together?
A.  3,650 ml B.  3,750 ml
C.  3,655 ml D.  3,645 ml
Question 4
During a car race, drivers traveled following distance in different stages.
Stage 1 - 1,428 kms
Stage 2 - 2,015 kms
Stage 3 - 1,216 kms
What is the total distance they traveled?
A.  4,659 kms B.  4,678 kms
C.  4,649 kms D.  4,668 kms
Question 5
A builder bought 3,000 kgs of sand. The sand consumption was 1,425 kgs in 1st week and 1,200 kgs in 2nd week. How much sand is left after 2nd week?
A.  375 kgs B.  300 kgs
C.  325 kgs D.  395 kgs
Question 6
Initially the Great Wall of China was 5,000 kms long. Then it was extended to 6,400 kms. How much was the increase in the length of wall?
A.  1,000 kms B.  1,400 kms
C.  400 kms D.  11,400 kms
Question 7
There are 7,900 spectators to watch a match. Out of that, 3,249 spectators are female. How many spectators are male?
A.  4,661 B.  4,671
C.  4,641 D.  4,651
Question 8
Henry traveled 3,851 Miles from New York to Frankfurt. He then traveled 4,082 Miles from Frankfurt to Mumbai. What is the total distance he traveled?
A.  7,953 Miles B.  231 Miles
C.  7,903 Miles D.  7,933 Miles
Question 9
In a week following number of visitors came to the doll museum
Children - 2,489
Adults - 1,689
How many more children visited the doll museum compared to the adults?
A.  900 B.  1,000
C.  800 D.  850
Question 10
The cost of air ticket from Chicago to Shanghai is $2,054. Mrs. Duff paid for the ticket using cash and credit card both. He paid $750 in cash. How much money did he pay using credit card?
A.  $1,304 B.  $2,804
C.  $1,300 D.  $1,254
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