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Question 1
Tommy has $245 in his bank. He deposited $22 more on Monday and $15 on Tuesday. How much money does Tommy have in his bank now?
A.  $260 B.  $282
C.  $37 D.  $267
Question 2
Three hundred eighty-nine adults' tickets and 123 kids' tickets were sold for a magic show. How many tickets were sold altogether?
A.  512 B.  266
C.  532 D.  612
Question 3
Alex has 1,956 stamps, Maria has 2,410 stamps and Ronald has 897 stamps. How many total stamps do they have all together?
A.  4,366 B.  3,307
C.  2,853 D.  5,263
Question 4
The cost of a new computer is $895 and the cost of a new printer is $139. What is the total money paid by a customer to buy both computer & printer?
A.  $1,134 B.  $1,004
C.  $1,034 D.  $1,054
Question 5
Two thousand two hundred forty-one people came to watch a race. One hundred ninty-two people left before the end of the race. How many people were left till the end of the race?
A.  2,433 B.  2,049
C.  1,949 D.  2,029
Question 6
There were 945 children in a school. Two hundred fifty-six children went to a picnic on Monday. How many children were left in the school?
A.  699 B.  680
C.  679 D.  689
Question 7
A paint store had 4,286 cans of paint in the stock. 345 cans have been sold. How many cans of paint are left in the store?
A.  4,041 B.  3,941
C.  3,841 D.  4,631
Question 8
John traveled 358 kms by car in first week and 221 kms in next week. Car had already been driven 18,425 kms. What is the total distance that car has been driven now?
A.  19,004 kms B.  579 kms
C.  18,783 kms D.  18,646 kms
Question 9
Susan ordered the following items to bake a cake.
Sugar - 514 kg
Salt - 289 kg
Butter - 179 kg
What is the total weight she ordered?
A.  992 kg B.  803 kg
C.  692 kg D.  982 kg
Question 10
Two boxers were weighed before the boxing match. Weight of one boxer was 202 lbs while the weight of other boxer was 176 lbs. What is the difference in their weights?
A.  26 lbs B.  6 lbs
C.  16 lbs D.  36 lbs
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