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Question 1
How do you write Fifty-two thousandths in standard form?
A.  0.52 B.  0.0052
C.  5.002 D.  0.052
Question 2
Three hundred seven and nine hundredths is same as _________.
A.  370.09 B.  307.09
C.  307.9 D.  307.009
Question 3
Which option shows 209.045 in word form?
A.  two hundred nine and forty -five thousandths B.  two hundredths nine and forty -five thousands
C.  two hundred nine and forty -five D.  two hundred nine and forty -five hundredths
Question 4
How many ten thousandths are in 49.0561?
A.  5 B.  9
C.  6 D.  1
Question 5
Which option shows Three thousand and seven tenths in standard form?
A.  300.07 B.  3,000.07
C.  3,000.7 D.  3,000.007
Question 6
Which digit is at thousands place in 2478.0365?
A.  5 B.  6
C.  2 D.  3
Question 7
How many thousandths are in 4.0092?
A.  2 B.  9
C.  4 D.  0
Question 8
Fifteen thousand nine and eight-tenths is same as _________.
A.  1,509.8 B.  15,009.08
C.  15,009.008 D.  15,009.8
Question 9
Which option shows 3,000.003 in word form?
A.  thirty thousand and three thousandths B.  three thousand and thirty thousandths
C.  three thousand and three thousandths D.  three thousand and three hundredths
Question 10
How do you write One and five hundred sixteen thousandths in standard form?
A.  1.516 B.  1.0516
C.  10.516 D.  0.1516
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