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Question 1
$2500 was divided equally among 5 people. How much did each person receive?
A.  $100 B.  $500
C.  $1000 D.  $50
Question 2
A carton has nine cans of soup. How many cartons will the grocery store receive, if they order 1,080 cans of soup?
A.  120 B.  1,200
C.  90 D.  12
Question 3
Tom earned $225 in 5 days. How much money did Tom earn each day?
A.  $55 B.  $50
C.  $65 D.  $45
Question 4
Nancy traveled 448 km in 7 hours. If she traveled equal distance each hour, then how much distance did she travel each hour?
A.  69 km B.  54 km
C.  74 km D.  64 km
Question 5
A normal adult heart beats 560 times in 8 minutes. What is the rate of heartbeat per minute?
A.  80 per minute B.  60 per minute
C.  70 per minute D.  90 per minute
Question 6
In a car rally, racers completed 5400 km in 8 days. What is the average distance they traveled each day?
A.  675 km B.  695 km
C.  665 km D.  685 km
Question 7
Albert received $639 after working for 9 days. What is the average amount Albert earned each day?
A.  $75 B.  $71
C.  $73 D.  $76
Question 8
During the annual function, each student received six candies. If total 1950 candies were distributed, then how many students are there in school?
A.  315 B.  335
C.  355 D.  325
Question 9
Jupiter completes 4332 rotations while completing one revolution around the Sun. If it completes three rotations on its axis every day, then how many days does Jupiter take to complete one revolution around the Sun?
A.  1,234 B.  1,444
C.  1,464 D.  1,454
Question 10
A novelist wrote a new book in 294 days. How many weeks did the novelist take to write the book?
A.  52 B.  54
C.  42 D.  98
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