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Question 1
What geometric term describes the red line shown on the circle below?

A.  diameter B.  center
C.  circumference D.  radius
Question 2
What is the geometric term for the perimeter of a circle?

A.  diameter B.  circumference
C.  radius D.  area
Question 3
Which of the following is a chord, but not a diameter?

A.  GC B.  EF
C.  ED D.  DC
Question 4
What does AB represent on the circle shown below?

A.  radius B.  circumference
C.  center D.  diameter
Question 5
A rectangle has a length of 10 cm and a perimeter of 30 cm. Find the width of the rectangle?

HINT: perimeter = 2(length + width)
A.  6 cm B.  3 cm
C.  5 cm D.  0.3 cm
Question 6
Which of the following is a radius?

A.  EC B.  CD
C.  CG D.  All of the above
Question 7
The radius of a circle is 6 cm. Find the diameter of the circle.

A.  12 cm B.  3 cm
C.  18.84 cm D.  10 cm
Question 8
The longest distance from one end of a circle to the other is described as _____________.

A.  diameter of the circle B.  area of the circle
C.  circumference of the circle D.  radius of the circle
Question 9
The diameter of a coin is 2 cm. What is its circumference?

circumference = × diameter
A.  3.14 cm B.  1.57 cm
C.  6.28 cm D.  6.58 cm
Question 10
The radius of a circle is 4 ft.

What is the circumference of the circle?

A.  50.24 cm B.  25.12 cm
C.  6.28 cm D.  55.24 cm
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