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Question 1
Find the surface area of the rectangular prism below.
A.  48 square inches B.  544 square inches
C.  96 square inches D.  672 square inches
Question 2
How much paper is needed to cover a box that is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long, and 4 feet high?
A.  96 sq ft B.  64 sq ft
C.  128 sq ft D.  256 sq ft
Question 3
Find the surface area of a cube with a side of length 4 cm.
A.  64 cm2 B.  192 cm2
C.  128 cm2 D.  96 cm2
Question 4
Find the surface area of the figure shown below.
A.  220 cm2 B.  120 cm2
C.  100 cm2 D.  180 cm2
Question 5
How many edges does a triangular prism have?
A.  4 B.  5
C.  6 D.  9
Question 6
What is the length of a side of a cube with surface area 294 square feet?
A.  6 feet B.  7 feet
C.  49 feet D.  9 feet
Question 7
What is the volume of a cube that measures 20 inches on each edge?
A.  4,000 cubic inches B.  800 cubic inches
C.  8,000 cubic inches D.  80 cubic inches
Question 8
How many centimeter2 of the wrapping paper do you need to wrap the gift box shown below?
A.  180 cm2 B.  60 cm2
C.  360 cm2 D.  216 cm2
Question 9
A box is 10 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Find the surface area of the box.
A.  140 in.2 B.  160 in.2
C.  120 in.2 D.  60 in.2
Question 10
How many faces & vertices does this prism have?
A.  5 faces, 8 vertices B.  6 faces, 5 vertices
C.  5 faces, 12 vertices D.  5 faces, 6 vertices
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