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Question 1
A parallelogram shaped park has an area of 72 square yards and a height of 12 yards.

Find the base.
A.  8 yards B.  60 yards
C.  6 yards D.  10 yards
Question 2
What is the volume of the box shown in the picture?
A.  250 cm3 B.  1,500 cm3
C.  150 cm3 D.  1,500 cm
Question 3
The staircase below is built from cubes with sides of length 4 cm.

What is the volume of the staircase?
A.  64 cm3 B.  364 cm3
C.  512 cm3 D.  384 cm3
Question 4
Find the volume of a rectangular prism that has a length of 40 feet, a width of 12 feet, and a height of 30 feet.
A.  480 ft3 B.  1,200 ft3
C.  82 ft3 D.  14,400 ft3
Question 5
The figure shown below is made up of 1-unit cubes.

What is the volume of the figure?
A.  32 cubic units B.  84 cubic units
C.  15 cubic units D.  96 cubic units
Question 6
Mr. Clarkson made a rectangular prism shaped doghouse for his dogs. The height of the doghouse was half of its length. The length was 3 feet more than its width. The doghouse was 9 feet wide.

Find the volume of the doghouse.

HINT: the figure below is an example of a rectangular prism.
A.  54 feet 3 B.  108 feet3
C.  648 feet 3 D.  216 feet3
Question 7
A box is a cube with sides of length 20 cm.

What is the volume of the box?
A.  8,000 cm3 B.  800 cm3
C.  400 cm3 D.  60 cm3
Question 8
The area of one face of a cube is 49 cm².

What is the volume of the cube?
A.  7 cm3 B.  343 cm3
C.  21 cm3 D.  98 cm3
Question 9
Maureen has a large cube shaped box with sides of length 45 cm. She has few Smaller boxes, which are also cubes; have sides of length 15 cm.

How many small boxes will fit in the large box?
A.  30 B.  9
C.  27 D.  125
Question 10
What is the length of the side of a cube that has a volume of 216 cm3?
A.  6 centimeters B.  12 centimeters
C.  4 centimeters D.  36 centimeters
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