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Question 1
Identify the triangle shown below.
A.  right triangle B.  obtuse triangle
C.  acute triangle D.  equilateral triangle
Question 2
Find the measure of ACB in the triangle shown below.
A.  35o B.  55o
C.  90o D.  45o
Question 3
The measures of two angles of a triangle are 65o and 45o. What is the measure of the third angle?
A.  90o B.  70o
C.  80o D.  50o
Question 4
Which could be the measure of an obtuse angle?
A.  90o B.  45o
C.  120o D.  60o
Question 5
Find the measure of RQM.
A.  90o B.  45o
C.  180o D.  120o
Question 6
Which expression represents angle y in the triangle shown below?
A.  y = 180 - 60 B.  y = 180 - (60 + 60)
C.  y = 180 + 60 + 60 D.  y = 180 - 130
Question 7
What is the measure of angle EFD?
A.  100o B.  180o
C.  90o D.  130o
Question 8
What is the sum of all the angles in a polygon with 4 sides?
A.  300o B.  180o
C.  360o D.  380o
Question 9
Identify the triangle by the length of its sides.
A.  isosceles B.  equilateral
C.  right D.  scalene
Question 10
The angles of a quadrilateral measure 55o, 75o and 110o. What is the measure of the fourth angle?
A.  240o B.  60o
C.  130o D.  120o
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