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Question 1
A triangle has an area of 45 sq ft. Base of the triangle is 9 ft.

What is the corresponding height of triangle?

HINT: area of triangle =× base × height
A.  90 ft B.  5 ft
C.  10 ft D.  405 sq ft
Question 2
What is the perimeter of the figure shown below?
A.  37 B.  50
C.  44 D.  45 cm
Question 3
How many square feet is the area of the rectangle shown below?
A.  12 B. 
18 1
5 7
D.  24
Question 4
Find the measure of angle a?
A.  45o B.  60o
C.  40o D.  65o
Question 5
Find the area of the parallelogram shown below.
A.  17 sq ft B.  48 sq ft
C.  84 sq ft D.  60 sq ft
Question 6
Which is NOT a feature of a regular polygon?
A.  all sides have the same length B.  all angles are equal
C.  four-sided polygon with one acute angle D.  a regular hexagon is a regular polygon
Question 7
The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 21 yd. What is the length of each of its sides?
A.  7 yd B.  14 yd
C.  8 yd D.  12 yd
Question 8
Given below are the measurements of a parallelogram. Find the missing measurement.
Area = 90 sq cm
base = 5 cm
height = ?
A.  18 cm B.  450 cm
C.  85 cm D.  15 cm
Question 9
What is the area of a triangle with base 12 m and a height of 18 m?
A.  208 m B.  126 m2
C.  108 m2 D.  98 m2
Question 10
How many square feet are in a square yard?
A.  6 square feet B.  9 square feet
C.  12 square feet D.  10 square feet
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