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Question 1
In the parallelogram shown below, the area of ABD is 18 square inches. What is the area of ABCD?
A.  9 square inches B.  24 square inches
C.  36 square inches D.  45 square inches
Question 2
The rectangular prism shown below has a length of 20 cm, a height of 5 cm and a width of 3 cm. What is the volume?
A.  30 cm3 B.  300 cm3
C.  100 cm3 D.  160 cm3
Question 3
Mr. Peterson has a a rectangular backyard that is 50 feet by 90 feet. What is the perimeter of the backyard?
A.  4,500 feet B.  140 feet
C.  250 feet D.  280 feet
Question 4
Find the measure of angle y.
A.  114o B.  104o
C.  246o D.  94o
Question 5
In the triangle shown below, RPQ and RQP are the same size and PRQ is 70o. What is the measure of RPQ?
A.  105o B.  70o
C.  55o D.  45o
Question 6
Find the measure of angle z.
A.  40o B.  50o
C.  70o D.  75o
Question 7
Which shape must have four equal sides and four right angles?
A.  rectangle B.  rhombus
C.  parallelogram D.  square
Question 8
What kind of triangle always has 3 acute angles and 3 sides the same length?
A.  scalene B.  equilateral
C.  right D.  isosceles
Question 9
The perimeter of a hexagon shaped cutting board is 132 cm. If each side of the hexagon is congruent, what is the length of each side?
A.  32 cm B.  24 cm
C.  22 cm D.  16 cm
Question 10
A rectangle shaped deck is 16 feet long with an area of 192 square feet. What is the perimeter of the deck?
A.  28 feet B.  12 feet
C.  50 feet D.  56 feet
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